Key Editor Display Preferences

Hey, I’ve been learning cubase for quite some time but have never much liked the key editor. I used to use a different daw for the sole purpose of composing my midi. I have now decided to get my feet dirty and spend the time to get accustomed to Cubase’s key editor. The workflow is quite different than what im used to but i imagine once everything becomes second nature it will be just as efficient as any other key editor.

Which leads me to my question, how do I change the preferences for the key editor aside from quantize? The main thing that bugs me is that it spaces white keys that are half steps away farther apart than other keys which are a half step away. For instance, a b and a c note appear farther away than an f and f#.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Unfortunately there is no Preferences for the Vertical distance of the notes. It also makes me crazy. :-/

But (in Cubase’s own defence :wink: ) it is so that the grid lines up perfectly with the vertical keyboard on the left (the actual keys B and C natural and E and F natural would have to be narrower… then I’m sure lots of people would write to say that that looks wrong :wink: )