Key Editor does not always open

I’m having problems opening the key editor (piano roll) in Cubase 8 Pro.

Sometimes when I select a MIDI track and double-click on it, nothing happens.

Please note the mouse etc is fine (it functions fine in everything else).

I can also confirm that the Key Editor is closed when I am trying to double-click to open.

I am having this same issue. I double click on an audio/midi event to edit and nothing happens. Also with renaming tracks. I contacted support but they don’t have a solution. They said they would let me know when they have anything.

I am also having the same problem, i can not enter the piano roll with a double click anymore and have had to assign it to a key in order to keep working.

I also cannot change instrument tracks sometimes as it will not highlight when i click on it.

i Cannot load vsti’s sometimes as the list does not appear when i click on it.

This has only happened in the last couple of wks, iv tried re-installing Cubase but does not solve the problem.

Is it this?

Yea, thats the problem and i have recently installed Replica so will try removing it from my project. hope this problem gets resolved cus i love replica!

Report the issue to Native Instruments.