Key editor: drag only left dot of

In the key editor, when manipulating dynamics, is it possible to only drag left dot of a line / curve?
(Adjusting ONLY the right on its own is possible.)
(Also, if someone would be so kind to leave a link to the documentation, where I can read up on all that functionality; I have been unsuccessful so far in finding one. Thank you!)

Documentation for the Key Editor is currently only available in the Version History, not in the Operation Manual yet I’m afraid.

Aha, understood. Thank you, @Lillie_Harris !
Do you by any chance happen to know, if it is possible to drag the left handle of a dynamic line without dragging along the right handle, as well?

Are you dragging vertically, horizontally, or both?

I would like to drag down the left handle to align with the ppp (but still crescendo to fff).

(Background: I am testing the VSL SY Prime library, where dynamics a very … well, non-existent, even though I turn CC 28.)

Maybe my workflow is wrong and another approach is expected? I am new to this kind of editing…

When you drag the large handle that corresponds to the start of a group of dynamics (which may have only a single dynamic in the group) in the score, it moves the whole group. You cannot shorten the group by dragging that handle: you’ll need to do it in two steps.

I caused a misunderstanding in my previous: I want to drag the left handle down (to the level, where ppp is), not to the left. I can do that with the right handle. From what I see this is standard behaviour with crescendos. Why can “endpoints” be dragged independently (even below the starting dynamic), but not starting points?

You can change the initial dynamic of a hairpin if it’s not set by a preceding immediate dynamic. In the case where the hairpin’s initial dynamic is set by a preceding immediate dynamic, you need to edit the preceding immediate dynamic instead.

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Ok, I think I got it. Thank you, @dspreadbury !