Key Editor - Enabling continuous play


This is such a basic question, but I struggling to find the answer so thought I’d ask here:

In the Key Editor (Cubase 10.5), I’d like for the playback to keep playing after I rewind/forward. At the moment it stops, and I can’t find a way of keeping it playing from where I’ve moved the cursor to.

Could someone let me know how to do that? It used to be possible in my old version of Cubase, so certain there’s a way now.

Many thanks!

Hey, @fatar7601 , check out if un-ticking this preference works.

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Ah there it is! Thank you!

I’d actually seen that but misread the word to mean about wind (the weather) rather than wind (as in to pass, twist etc.) The joys of reconfiguring a new DAW :smiley:

Thanks again.

:+1:t2: Alright!