Key Editor - I can change the velocity of multiple midi parts altogether ?


I have selected multipel midi regions that show up in my key editor. The option “Edit Active Part” is off.
Nevertheless, when I select multiple notes and want to change velocity values, only the currently active part is getting the changes. I would like to change all selected notes velocities from multiple parts at once. How can I do that ?

Cheers, lokotus


How exactly did you change the Velocity, please?

It works to me here. I tried to change the Velocity in the Controller lane and in the Info Line. Both are working here.

But not for parts on different tracks, right?


MIDI Parts of different tracks and MIDI Events. See attached screenshot.

Or do you mean the MIDI CC7?

I’m talking about editing velocity in the cc lane, which is what I presume lokutus is referring to.

OK, then this is not possible. You cannot change multiple MIDI CCs at once.

Martin, to be clear, this is about velocity. I understand what you probably mean, but the question is not about Continuous Controllers.

Anyway, to edit velocity (or CCs! :wink: ) for multiple parts on multiple tracks it is possible use the Logical Editor (yes, a totally different way to edit), which will operate on all selected parts.


OK, now I got it.

You are right. It doesn’t work for the MIDI Note On (Velocity) in the Controller lane.

But you can change it in the Info Line.