Key editor MIDI notes snap unexpectedly when extended

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to use the MIDI key editor, and when I extend the note I would like it to snap according to my quantize value. But instead it usually snaps to the end of the bar (although not always), I really don’t understand why.
I’m attaching a screenshot:

For example I’m trying to extend A2, it immediately snaps to 2.3, why can’t I snap it it to my quantize value?

I’m using Cubase 11 if it matters

EDIT: Also when creating a new note, it creates the note with a length of half a bar, no matter what my quantize settings are.

To me this seems like a bug because extending to the left does work normally and according to the quantize value but extending the note to the right doesn’t. I’m really surprised they release a version where such basic functions don’t work

Thanks a lot in advance

Try this :slight_smile:

It happened to me once and I spent a while trying to figure it out, I think there might be a hotkey setup you might trigger accidently.

This fixes it though.

I’m not that much used to the quantize implementation, as I usually try as much as I can to avoid it. Two thoughts, however :

  • here, using a quantize of 1/16 works as expected : notes recorded without timing snap to the nearest 1/16 grid subdivision when using the Apply Quantize (Q) tool.
  • It seems that there is a parameter missing on your key editor toolbar : the Length quantize one, which indeed drives the length of newly created notes : check your editor toolbar configuration.

EDIT : Kiwifruit has been quicker than me… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wow thanks so much! You’re a life saver
And thanks Cubic13 for trying to help too I appreciate your help guys(:

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