Key editor - midi pitch in cents


I would like to select a midi note and finetune them (cents up and down) from the info bar…

Yes, we have the option of pitch in the lower menu which goes from-8192 to +8192 points or whatever…

So using these thousands of points, how do i pitch a note down 4 cts? See what i mean?

So, the easy way-> select midi note, adjust cent value up or down from infoline ( place it next to velocity or so )

Or please tell me how i can pitch single notes in the key editor down or up by X cents…


What you are asking is beyond the scope of MIDI if you are hoping to fine-tune pitch on individual notes.(unless the instrument in question is already Note-Expression-savvy… which is hardly any at all, other than some Steinberg instruments :wink: ).
The MIDI Info for note-on carries only note-number and velocity (slightly over-simplified there… in Cubase it also tags on the associated note-off info).
Any pitch modification would be done by MIDI pitchbend (which works across the entire MIDI channel, independent of the notes that might be playing), and the resultant effect on the receiving note(s) depends on the setting for pitchbend of the instrument (i.e. how much pitchbend for a full movement… in either direction… of the pitchbend wheel. It could be set for maximum pitchbend= two semitones, or one octave, for example… so the idea of “4 cents” is meaningless in this case :wink: )

Back-of-the-envelope answer. There are 100 cents to a semitone = 8192 points, so that means 1 cent = 81.92 points, i.e. you can’t do it exactly. 8192 has been chosen because to a computer (which counts in binary) it’s a round number. 100 isn’t, so I think a rough calculation is as good as you can expect to get. How the decimal system sucks…

… but only valid if the receiving instrument’s pitchbend range is set to +/-1 semitone (and most instruments default to +/-2 semitones :wink: ).

Hi guys:)

Thanks for your kinda professional input:)

Well, might as well get started then, no?:wink:

It would be nice if steiny would “translate” inputted cents to pitch value output for the instuments that cannot do it yet and add it to the infobar - just like the velocity…
(the minimal conversion maths can be done in the background and out of sight)


A setting so that the pitch values get represented in cents too…


Just add a whole new note expression for this

You know…
All this on an individual note basis- with all the vst3 and note expression and fancy bells and whistles and and and it amazes me that this hasnt been done yet…

But… I am pretty sure (guessing here) that we would all welcome it…:wink:

Thanks again for your solidarity:)

Wouldn’t be practical in the Info Line.
Consider this…
There is a note-on at bar #1, beat #1, that lasts for two bars.
There is another (different) note that starts on bar #2, beat #1, also two bars long.
In your “proposed” Info Line, you set the first note to “+5 cents”
When Cubase’s Play Cursor reaches bar #2, the 2nd note starts to play… but it too will play “+5 cents” (because pitchbend acts across the whole MIDI channel)
So you set the 2nd note to “**-**5 cents”, in the hope that everything goes back to normal, but no… when Cubase reaches bar #2, the first note goes down to “-5 cents” also (the value for “cents” being absolute).
Like I said, this could only work for Note-Expression-savvy instruments (such as HALion), where pitch has its own editable parameter (independent of channel pitchbend), and there, you can adjust the pitch individually, from the note-on’s individual Note Expression pop-up.
But, as for your “translation” idea… yes, that could be done… in the pitchbend lane… provided you could input there the up/down pitchbend range of the receiving instrument (because, otherwise, Cubase has no idea of knowing what that might be, or even if the instrument can respond to pitchbend at all! :wink: )

Oh vic, ur so smart…lol:p

Good thinking… Didnt think of that one…:stuck_out_tongue:

So, in the pitchbend lane or note expression field then…


A different approach would be to render the midi first and then adjust the pitch of the notes in that audio file. Of course this would only work on monophonic material (unless you have Melodyne).

Yeah, but i would prefer it in midi and via note expression…

Everytime you pitch audio, it doesnt quite sound the same as when the vst does it… (I think)
Also, maybe one still wants to work with the midi and the instrument before commiting to audio…