Key Editor - new curves; no effect to Sine or Parabola line types in Line Tool

Am I missing something.? Thought with this new ‘curves’ update, we’d be able to (finally) draw smooth sine or parabola curves, using the line tool. But nope. Tons of discrete steps still; and top/bottom of peaks and troughs clipped (lower grid values = worse).

maybe ask Greg on his next club cubase stream

You don’t use the line tool for it. Use the pencil tool and place two nodes. A curve handle will appear between the nodes. In the controller lane menu you can switch between step or ramp events.

I think what he’s talking about is being able to draw in a rough curve manually and then have the software sort of reduce that to simplified curve (?)

Thanks, and sorry - I wasn’t at all clear; I meant by using the Sine or Parabola line types, from the line tool itself. Try them, you’ll see what I mean.
(EDIT:- changed topic title now)

I understand now, yeah that’s interesting.

Maybe it would be difficult to make work with Sine, but I would imagine Parabola shouldn’t be.

It would be cool if Sines were continuous objects, so that they could be contracted or expanded after their placement, like a slinky… or even skewed in such a way that the overall sine Curves up or down.

I think this could be done easily actually, if they turned these types of more complicated shapes into ‘automation event objects’ that show up in an event like box on the automation lane, of which the other line automation connects into. This way each shape could sort of have it’s own separate and confined protocols and behavior.

I created an FR for this idea