Key editor not updating when switching layouts in play mode

Just a minor annoyance that only started happening after the last update: the key editor doesn’t always update when switching layouts in Play Mode.

The workflow that I’ve settled into with the new Play Mode is to have the PM key editor open in another window on another screen. I drag the key editor to take up the whole screen, since I rarely need to use the upper zone and like to have a lot of space for editing. I switch layouts depending on what instrument I’m editing. This has the advantage of automatically soloing that instrument while I’m editing (I just go back to my other screen in Write Mode to hear it in context). The other advantage is that the colour is always red. In the full score layout my tracks are often colours that are difficult to work with, like light lime green. However, now when I switch layout, sometimes the key editor stays on the old layout. The only way to switch is to drag the key editor down so I can see the upper zone and click on the track, then drag the key editor back up. This is a lot of extra clicks to be doing every time I want to make a small adjustment.

Sorry for such a long explanation for a small issue!

Sorry, Graham, despite your fulsome description of the issue I think I must be missing something: if you have two project windows open, then changing layout in one window doesn’t do anything in the other window. But you should be able to quickly change layout in the second window by choosing the desired layout from the selector in the toolbar.

Sorry, I should have specified that I am only switching layouts in Play Mode, I keep Write Mode in the full score layout at all times. I switch layouts in the Play Mode, but the key editor (same window) still shows the previously selected layout.

Maybe this screen capture clarifies what I’m talking about. I only bring it up because before the last update switching layouts would automatically change the key editor, and it was a rather nice way of working.

Right, thanks, I see what you mean. I’ve made a note of this and will ask my colleague Andrew, who is working on the Key Editor and Play mode, to take a look.

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