Key Editor Note Color While Moving a Group

I had the Key Editor set to Chord Track so I can move midi notes within Chord/Scale.
Is there a way to increase how many notes I can move at a time and still show the Color instead of all black.


Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure, if I understand your question correctly.

But in general, the black note means, the note is selected. If you have more black notes, it means, more otes is selected at the time. But once you start to move the notes, the color appears.

One of the small, but nice and very useful changes made in C8 is that when you select a note it still turns black like in C7 but the keyboard on the left shows the selected note(s) color coded.

Can you just open a midi file and try it thanks, just add a chord track,
get the chords from the midi, set the piano roll to Chord Track.
If C8E works better I will buy it.

I just want to select a lot more notes and when I moved they will change color.

These are the notes, they have been moved to fit the Chord Track Scale/Chords

If I select a lot of notes they stay black and don’t move, just a rectangle moves

If I select a few notes they move and change color as I move them and shows red when out of Scale or Chord.

I move the same notes one time and they all stay black then another time they move and are colored.
Am I missing something simple ? :open_mouth:

It’s selecting the Pitch Bend in one but not the other yet when it’s Velocity it works when that’s selected ?
Sorry maybe just have to do a RTFM !

In both C7 & C8 when you select a small number of notes and drag them up or down it will show the colors of the new notes as they are dragged. As the number of selected notes increases at some point dragging the selected notes does not show the individual notes but instead shows a bounding box surrounding those notes. The notes still move, but you just don’t see each individual note until you release the mouse at the end of the move. And even then you don’t see them colored because they are black indicating they are selected. The dividing line between when you see individual notes & the bounding box isn’t clear - it seems to be dependent on some combination of the number of notes and what those notes are. But at some point as you increase the number of notes you get the bounding box.

In C8 but not C7 you see the colors of any selected notes on the keyboard (see attached). This occurs if they are being dragged or not.

You indicated that when you selected enough notes to get a bounding box, you couldn’t move the notes. That is not normal behavior & I’ve never had that occur. I’ve no idea what might cause that.
chord track colors.JPG

Thanks, Sorry, i mean they don’t move only the box, but as you let go they are move to new position.

In 8 do the Keys still color no mater how many notes you select as I could use that ?

Not sure why it selects the pitch bend controllers below sometimes then they stay black , then you click on Velocity then back to Pitch then they will move as colors ?

Also how are the Color Keys going to work if you have selected across 2 bars with different chords ?
That’s why the Color notes would work better.


I just test it. To me, it looks, you are right. There is probably the limit number.

  • If there is more then 20 MIDI messages selected, then the rectangle appears, and you cannot see the colors.
  • If less or equal 20 MIDI messages is selected, you can see the colors, when you are moving the objects.

The important thing is, MIDI messages not MIDI notes! So even if I move just one MIDI Not, plus more then 19 MIDI Controllers at once, the Note will be displayed as a rectangle.

If you want- or not to select the MIDI Controllers, which are bellow the notes, with the notes, you can switch by using Auto Select Controllers in the toolbar.

Thanks for trying, I never had “Auto Select Controllers” On originally so when I Cut Notes to move to a different time/Bar it left the Pitch Bend Controller behind @ the original time/bar , so I left that turned On.
This creates a problem if I turn “Auto Select Controllers” Off it will allow me to transpose more color notes at a time but if I forget and move them in time/Bar it will cause a lot of problems with the pitch bend getting left behind in time.

Is there a way to manually deselect the controllers before transposing the 20 already selected notes so to get the colors ?

On your latest screenshot, there is “Auto Select Controllers” switched On.

If you want to deselect already selected events, you can use Ctrl/Cmd with Object selection tool. The same is even for MIDI Controllers, BUT, you have to switch the “Auto Select Controllers” Off, first, before you try to deselect these controllers.

It is on but why are the Controllers below not selected in white ?

Yet on this one they are.

No idea, sorry. It’s always selected on my system, when I switch this On.