Key editor notes changed shade?

Hi, started a new project last night and for some reason the notes in the key editor are now a different shade? They look desaturated and when I enter notes they’re grey Never had this happen before, no oher issues that I can see but I’m wondering why this might be I didn’t consciously change any setting.

It’s as if I’m editing another layer or something but no, no layers, any ideas? I checked the colour of notes part in Event color>Setup tab and the notes are still the normal shade there.

Pic added.


EDIT: Forgot to add, it’s occuring in all projects not just new ones, all projects created before it occured last night…

You have (inadvertently) activated Note Expression display (in your screensot, it’s the button with two triangles, with a little arrow to its right).

Hah, woops! Many thanks. :slight_smile: