Key Editor opens at the same place scroll is in project window

Oh, how much time I could save by this one little feature (if there is such a tweak in preferences, PLEASE let me know because this is driving me batty). I select a measure in the project window, select a desired track and then open up the key editor, and BAM!, I’m defaulted to the first measure this part plays rather than where I am working in the project window… every… single… time. Could we have this window (as well as other corresponding windows such as Score Editor, Drum Editor, etc.) open up at the same selection that we are working in the project window?

I had the same problem, before I found a solution. press two times the key “f” successively and midi editor window will show you the place where is the play bar. f key is normally assigned to the fonction follow the play bar so it force cubase to show where it is …