Key Editor: see markers and time signatures on the rule

As a new user of Cubase, I have a question about the Key Editor.

I believe that it is impossible to see the markers and the time signatures on the rule (or elsewhere, but synchronized on the midi workspace). It seems to me that, given the strength of Cubase in midi editing, and all these people that it uses for this, the thing should be possible. I personally work with many changes of time signature. I can see in the Key Editor, as the barlines and time bars, otherwise the indication in the infos zone. It is not enough for comfortable and fast work.

Interesting question: that are experienced users in this case?

+1 please Steinberg. Yes, I would like to see the key editor upgraded to display these. Perhaps a neat solution would be for the key editor to display the marker track and the tempo track above it’s ruler track? And maybe some other types of tracks too?

The same might be applied to the tempo editing window, which I tend to use in favour of in-place editing because it’s much bigger therefore I can more easily see small tempo changes.

I do a lot time signature and tempo changes, especially if I’m composing a video soundtrack. And also a lot of free flowing music which goes against the tempo. This would mostly be using midi orchestral instruments, so the large spread of these across the keyboard is not suitable for using in-place editing, better with the key editor (large spread being an orchestral layer with double-basses through to very high strings say).

Also quite often I’m needing to line something up to a video cue which isn’t on the beat, so I’ve got a marker set, but of course, you can’t see it in the key editor. Right now I tend to set a keypad marker to the point (e.g. ctrl-kpad-4) and then locate the cursor (kpad-4) there when I’m in the key editor ready to move the midi. Then I see where the midi is to be moved to.


Yes and also for the Tempo Editor Windows.

Please +1 my thread here:

So I am not mistaken. I do not understand that we are in Cubase 7 without a markers and time signatures in the midi editor (and thus also the tempo editor).