Key Editor - Set velocity for multiple notes

I am often finding myself having to drag my mouse horizontally, trying to get all my notes to a particular velocity. This really sucks. Every few notes, I’ve either gone up or down a bit off my mark. My OCD screams.

Is there not an easier way?
Can’t I select all and just type in a number or something?

I see that I can set the velocity of notes that will be written in the future, but I don’t see a way to see an existing selection of notes to a particular velocity without drawing it manually. Is there one?


Yes, you can do so in the Info View of the Key Editor. Once you press enter the Velocity will be changed relatively. So if you have 3 notes with Velocity 100, 80, 60, you select them and change the Velocity from 100 to 80 (always the very 1st selected note values are shown in the Info Line), you will get the result of 80, 60, 40.

If you want to set them all to the same value, you can type 80 in the Info Line and instead of Enter press Ctrl/Cmd + Enter. The result would be 80, 80, 80.

Of course you can change the Velocity in the Controller line too.

And if you want to change the default Velocity (if you draw the Notes), enable Insert Velocity in the Key Editors’ Toolbar and change the Insert Velocity here.

You made my day. Thanks!

Beyond Martin’s spot-on suggestions you can use the (midi not Project) Logical Editor to manipulate velocity in more complicated ways. You could use the LE to set all notes to a single value, assign that to a Key Command. Now with one key you can set all the notes to that velocity. I have a LE that accents beats 1 & 3 by +15 and 2 & 4 by +8. And several to randomize Velocity in various ways and amounts.

The LE (and PLE) are a bit in the deep end of the pool. But check them out when you are ready for the next step.

You should also check out the controls around the top and side edges of the controller data display which are in the shallow end of the pool.