Key Editor Shortcut Command?

Editing MIDI DRUM Notes, I like to double a Crash with a Tom. Previously using an ACID DAW, I’d hold CTRL and DRAG up the GRID, Duplicating the MIDI Notes.

With Cubase Pro 12 I hold Alt + Drag, but it isn’t so easy to stay Gridwise. Any suggestions about keeping my MIDI Notes aligned? Ctrl + & Ctrl+D is not the answer I want…


It’s a bit weird, but this seems to work for me:

  • Press and hold CTRL
  • drag note to new place,
    • but keep mouse button pressed
    • and keep holding CTRL
  • now also press ALT
  • and finally release mouse button
  • and release CTRL and ALT keys

I’m pretty sure, though by memory, I:

  1. Click and hold, then
  2. Press and hold CTRL-ALT
  3. Drag up
  4. Release CTRL and ALT

I love my trackball, no problems moving the clip inadvertently in step 1

I have Logical Editor Presets to duplicate selected Notes up and down by half & whole steps plus octaves. Those can be combined in Macros to go other distances or of course additional LE Presets could be made. Always stays on the grid this way.

Here’s an example for going up an octave.

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Well Raino!
That’s my first Logical Editor Success!!
Thanks so much for inviting me into a deeper level of knowledge.

Thanks for your help, Alexis an Nico5.
I was experimenting with that, but must’ve flubbed the Alt Release finger (action).

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