Key editor simple select/velocity reduction changed..

Running 6.5 here and I am just getting back into some music again. I used to be able to select individual notes - CTRL Select if they were not adjacent to each other and then use pencil tool to pull down velocity of all selected notes simultaneously. I cannot seem to do this any more. Any idea how to do this now ?

Also there are extra superimposed boxes outlined and tiny icons that appear in the velocity area when I try this. I know this is basic but I have a lot on my plate trying to understand lots of new software at once and this little issue is slowing me down a lot. A lot seems to have changed in the latest versions of Cubase. It has been a long while since I have been making music. (Not helped by still using Nuendo 4.3 for mastering :sunglasses: and it still works great ! )


Don’t use the Pencil tool. Use the Object Selection tool (the arrow), and hold Ctrl+shift to display “Velocity” tool, in fact. Or do the changes in the Info View of the Key Editor, or in the Controllers line.

Many thanks Martin.


Since Cubase 8.5 you can also adjust the Velocity while drawing the MIDI Note by moving the mouse cursor up/down.