Key Editor - two features I'm not aware of

In the Key Editor I often edit the midi data from a couple of events/parts at once. As an addon I have two specific features for the workflow in mind but didn’t know if Cubase supports it already (didn’t found it so far in the manual or internet):

  1. If I have a couple of events/parts loaded in the Key Editor I can easily solo this batch of events in the Key Editor itself with the solo switch or a hit on key [s]. Is it furthermore possible to solo each of the parts (or with other words the active part) I’ve currently opened in the Key Editor?

…With other words: There’s a switch that offers the option to edit just the active part. So what I have in mind is a switch or function just to make the active part audible and mute the others.

  1. Another feature I have in mind is to switch between parts in the Key Editor. I have two opportunities to switch between parts so far: to left click on a note event (which doesn’t work if parts stacked up) or to use the pull down menu where the events are listed. I would much prefer a list on the right side of the Key Editor where all the opened parts are permanently listed (I guess I saw that feature in another sequencer, dunno which).

Help or thoughts on any of this topics would be much appreciated.

Two features that I would happily welcome. I spend most of the time in front of multiple parts in the Key Editor myself. Tried to propose another part-switching method recently, too :slight_smile:

You can also switch to the previous/next part with key commands, of course. But I would find all these suggested refinements very useful.

Many thanks for chiming in.

If these are Feature Requests please can you tell me how to do? Didn’t do that before but if memory serves right there has to be a dedicated thread for it?