Key Editor unified Controller Settings

Hey :slight_smile:

When I switch between different MIDI parts on Instrument tracks, the CC display settings are always different (seems that they’re saved separately for each part)

Is there a way to open each part with the same cc preset?

Nobody? I mean, as an example:

I’m editing strings with LASS and all divisi sections and FCs in my template, which would be 20 tracks.
Now I want to change the articulations of all 20 parts from normal legato to sordino legato, what means (due to cubases lack of group editing CCs/Articulations) I have to select each of the 20 tracks and manually change the articulation in the key editor. This is unhandy enough, but in addition, I also have to change the CC layout to show me the articulation map for each part because they were changed to Modulation, Expression etc.

Comeon Steinberg, is this really how it’s meant to be?

And nope, using a preset that shows all important CCs or the “show all used CCs” shortcut are no solution here, because I really need the vertical space available for editing keys and CCs.

I was hoping for a simple option in the preferences that says “Save CC View for individaul parts” that can be switched on and off…