key editor won't open.. never had this one :p

10.2.0 w64

i try to open key editor by double clic a midi region like i did for decades and probably 10min ago… not opening.
i check my pref “doubl clic = open in window” is checked
i open lower zone nothing is visible there… saying no editor selected … weird.
i press “enter” on selected region to open editor = Something open… but the wrong region !

ho wait… after few tries not even ENTER will open key editor :cry:

restart nuendo ! impossible to open key editor at all… noooooo … massive project to release fast… not this not now.

i’ll reboot computer now.

rebooted… didn’t work… worked… now does not work and i also realise other things are not working : the mute tool.
what- the hell is going on ?

the key editor is not working even by using the mouse and menu scrolling to MIDI / Open key Editor… wait no Editor work actually. none except the Sample Editor.
so annoying

i did some range cut operations and editors are back… for how long…

Did you rule out corrupt prefs?

nop :frowning:
i don’t know what’s worse. no editing or having to redoo manuall all my pref because loading them in nuendo10 is so erratic and still not beeing sure to store them in the end. i managed to finished that session and the new one i’m one looks ok so far.

I’ve been having problems too - recording in the editor… So, the editors are obviously buggy at the moment

ok thx… and that’s not you not activating the “record button” within the editors ? else it won’t recod in the editor.