Key Editor's zoom position when switching Events

It is very annoying when I edit a string or brass section and I want to switch between instruments, the key editor does not stay to the working position when switching events.

It would be very nice if the key editor’s zoom positions would be in relations to each other and the project’s so we could switch events without having to always repositionne the editors.

If there is already a way to do this, I’m not aware of it.

For sure, every single event midi or audio should have a cursor following it.

When you select an event means that you wanna work with it so the cursor should follow it.

When you double click an event, audio or midi and opens the window or the lower zone meaning that you gonna work on that, so the cursor should follow it and once you zoom in or out the cursor should adapt to the size of what you see.

On the New Cubase 9.5 they brought the function adapt to zoom and I thought was “gold” but they only change the bar beat or quantize response according with how much you zoom in or out, which is cool but, cmon almost 2018 and still not following the events, very annoying.

Even Bitwig DAW has this implement.

Lets try to get more people +1 on this thread.

I don’t know if I’ve explained it right.

Let’s say I’ve zoomed on a segment of a few notes on the cellos and I want to open the violas midi part, or any particular instrument in that bar or segment, it should switch to the exact same view or zoom the I had on the cello’s so I can work on the violas’part without having to repositionne the key editor every single time I switch from part to part.

Right now, if zoomed on a part, every time I switch events, I will loose my working position and mesure that I’m working on. Extremely painful and non-productive workflow. When I’ve been working for weeks and close to a deadline, and have grown impatient. This will simply make me loose my !$%?

The problem is that if the parts or events are not aligned it would be stupid for the editor to open to the same position as the last edited part.

So there should be a way to link editors by sections at least. Or an intelligent Cubase that would open to the same zoom position when the events are overlapping or aligned vertically in time.

Anyone has any ideas on a solid workflow for this?

Yes, exactly.

Check this video link for Cubase Feature Requests. The guy give this exactly example using DAW Bitwig on “4:15min” and he name this feature as Dnamic Auto Focusing.

Let me know if we are on the same page.

Btw, I’m Laserjakk from Brasil and already lived in Montreal 2012/2013, planning to move to Montreal agan may 2018.

It look nice and definitely better than what Cubase is currently doing.

In addition to that auto-focus, if we could, inside the key editor have a little checkbox that would lock the zoom and focus of the editors to the project window’s locators that could be a real good step forward. We could then focus on a section and re-arrange our parts with ease and not getting lost and having to re-focus every single time.

This feature could be called, link editor’s zoom to project window’s locators. I think I even might redo a feature request with this exact name.

Which version of Cubase are you using? I thought V 9 had some enhancements for keeping the project view and the key editor in sync (and presumably different tracks being edited in the key editor) with respect to positioning and zooming. I bought V 9 but never used it (still using 8), so I’m not sure about this, but this feature was touted as one of the big deal enhancements. Sadly, the tempo editor was not included in the synced positioning (which is why have not bothered to switch yet).