Key or midi command for project workspaces

Does anybody know of a key or midi command to switch the project workspaces.
I can switch the global ones - and the project ones even have a space for a key command but seems I cannot set one up?

When I create a new workspace (Global or project) a key command it automatically assigned to it (e.g. ALT+Num 1, ALT+Num 2, etc.)
Workspace key command

Do you have more than 9 workspaces? Perhaps there’s a limit to how many can be accessed via key command.

Yes - there seems to be a set number - I had to remove some to add key assign to Project Workspaces… good answer!
Not sure I understand how the program deals with this as the display gets out of sync with the actual assignment when a workspace is unassigned, for instance.
Can anyone explain how the auto-assign works with adding or deleting ws?
Non-intuitive to say the least…