Key press to navigate from time signature to measures/note entry

Basically the title. I enter a time signature with the keyboard, and I end up with a time signature that is highlighted in orange. Is there a key press to select measures again to move around? I’ve tried tab, shift tab, left, right, enter, asking nicely. Trying to reduce mouse usage. Thanks!

edit: Working through this workflow, I’ll add a modest beseeching for a feature request, with all the usual caveats about loving the software and acknowledging that more work has been done on this notation by a thousand miles. That said, I don’t get a lot of value out of certain types of objects being selected or highlighted after creating it. Time signature, double bar line, key signature, that type of thing. After I create it, there’s pretty much a 100% chance that the next thing I want to do will involve navigating to another area with the arrow keys, but because I don’t know the key command to return to normal navigation, I have to use my mouse. I love the keyboard-centric design philosophy of this software, but this fact kind of interrupts that. Slurs, hairpins, and expressions are different, because I may want to move them or alter their duration. But static things like the first category are generally “make it and move on”. Curious if anyone has a similar experience.

Hi Robert.

Try Shift-N.

If you press Up (to select the rest), then Shift-N before you enter a time signature, there’ll be no need to press it again.

Life saver David! Thank you very much.