Key sequence is not accepted

When I try to assign the key sequence “Shift+Tab”, there’s always “Shift+Backtab” saved instead. Therefore, there is no reaction when I press the “Shift” and “Tab” keys together in the audio editor. Changing the Windows keyboard layout or the language of WaveLab doesn’t change anything.



WaveLab 12.0.20, Windows 10 22H2

The same happens here. I am not sure why, but probably “Shift + Tab” is transmitted to WaveLab as a sole key “Backtab” that could exist on certain keyboards (?).
Until there is a possible fix, you can use the Reset Keyboard feature (but all shortcuts will be reset).

Thanks, I’m aware that I can reset all shortcuts to default, but I’ve changed and added so many that this isn’t an option for me.
Btw, there are some other combinations that can’t be entered, e.g. “Alt+1”, “Ctrl+Shift+F1”, “Alt+Shift+F1”, “Shift+F10”, but maybe these are intentionally locked.
Finally, the keys of the numeric keypad cannot be assigned independently of those in the main keyboard field, but probably this is also an intentional restriction.

The Shift+Tab case will be solved in 12.0.30.