Key Signature Change - hide cautionary


I’m putting together a worksheet for students and would like to hide the cautionary accidentals when my examples change key.
How do I do this please?


Do you mean in the key signature? In Dorico Pro, it’s in Engraving mode > Engraving Menu > Engraving Options > Key Signatures. If you mean cautionary accidentals belonging to notes after a key change, you can switch them off in Notation Options > Accidentals > Cautionary accidentals. Alternatively, you can change the appearance of accidentals on individual notes in the property panel at the bottom.
I’m afraid you don’t have access to Notation or Engraving Options in Dorico Elements.

Thanks for the reply. To be more specific, I’d like to avoid the key change being visible as a warning between systems. I hope I’m using the correct terminology - see attachment.
Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 10.47.26 am.png

My recommendation is to add a coda on the next system, then hide the coda mark. Easy peasy.

Has there been any changes to dorico to hide key signatures without adding a Coda yet please?


really?? sheesh