Key signature changes and cautionary accidentals

There are quite a few options for cautionary accidentals.
Are there any options for key signature changes?

Let’s say my initial key is A major. Now I insert key signature of G major but I want it to be displayed as F sharp, C natural, G natural.

The various options for how cancellation naturals should be displayed at changes of key are found on the Key Signatures page of Engraving Options.

Thank you Daniel, found it.

Will there be more options for key signatures?

I have a score in A major. Then I need the key of D major. But I need it to be shown as F#, C#, G natural (in this order).
Is that possible?

Out of the three engraving options, the traditional one is the closest to what I want, but it puts the G natural first.
A to D.PNG

That was the one convention that we decided not to support, I’m afraid, but perhaps we can support it in future. Sorry to disappoint you!