Key Signature Popover

I would expect [###] in the Key Signature Popover to result in the key of 3 sharps. It does not.

[3s] is not intuitive. This is not how the brain works. I have never before associated ‘s’ with sharps.

Carry on, and thanks for all you do!

“Intuitive” is subjective. You might intuit that if you want two flats, you could type “bb” into the popover. Dorico will actually give you a key signature of Bb minor.

Is it not intuitive to you to type A for A major or f# for F# minor? Alternatively, you can use 3#. ### would be inconsistent given that b and bb wouldn’t give one flat or two flats.

That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.

I sometimes get brain-farts because Dorico isn’t the same as Lilypond, which uses f for flat not b. (And that keyboard notation is used much more often in Lilypond than in Dorico)

You can also use “f” for flats in the key signatures popover in Dorico :slight_smile: