Key signature/Tempo track editing


I hope somebody can help me please?

I have played notes into a midi track in Cubase 9.5. My piece is in 5/4 time. However I have played them with my own ritardando. In effect, this has used up about 11 single bars - e.g. some notes being spread over a greater time than 1 crotchet beat within a bar. I do not want all the notes slowed over the bars - as in an average. Is there a way in which I can just specify the start and end notes of my 5/4 bars so all notes are included in one 5/4 bar - instead of over 2 bars and keep their physical timing? I would like if possible to keep my own ritardano as I played it into cubase. Is this possible to do in cubase?

This must be a common issue?

Please help.
Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

You can use Tempo Detection tool or you can use Time Warp tool to adjust the tempo manually.