Key signatures - Gb for Bb trumpet


Maybe a silly question but I can not handle this… hope You will.

I have a tune in C# minor concert (E maj).
I have a trumpet in Bb for which it is more convenient to read in Eb minor instead of D#minor.

I went on my trumpet part and thanks to Dorico (shift k “Fb” Option enter), I succeeded in having my trumpet part in Eb min e.g. Gb maj.

Unfortunately, on my non-transposed score, my trumpet is with the key signature Fb maj and not E maj. Is there a way to keep E maj in my score and Gb maj in my transposed part ?

Thanks in avance.


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In setup mode, select the trumpet layout, right click and select “Clef and transpositions overrides”, then under “Transposed pitch” activate “written middle C sounds as:” and select A#3 insted of Bb3. That should do it.

clef transpositions override


Impressive ! :slight_smile:

Thank You for the video, thank You for helping me with that fabulous tool.