Key signatures still broken in transposed divisi staves—workarounds?

Haven’t seen discourse on this since it was said to be fixed soon in 2018, but divisi in transposing parts still leads to key signature issues as shown below:
Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 4.43.52 PM

This is a concert Db key sig in an Eb part; top staff displays correctly, bottom one does not. This is reproducible via any divisi in a transposing part, as far as I’ve found. Hope this can get fixed soon, but in the meantime are there any workarounds?

Have you tried a local Key Sig on the lower staff with <atl><enter>? This worked for me when I needed to fix the accidentals in a Divisi staff.

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That seems to mostly work, though it doesn’t display naturals when going to a (transposed) C major for some reason. Still, better than nothing! Thanks

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To restore correct key signatures to divisi: before printing, move the divisi and unison tags a little and back in page view. Sadly all the key signatures are lost again when you open the project again.