Keyboard Chord Symbols - Which Dorico Version

Hello everyone, I’m interested in Dorico and would like to know which version I can use to create chord diagrams for keyboards (comparable to graphics). Unfortunately, the feature list (table) with the version comparison does not contain a complete catalog of symbols in which one could look it up before purchasing.

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There isn’t an in-built feature for piano keyboard diagrams like this in any version of Dorico. However, in Dorico Pro you can draw graphics frames and load a graphic image (like .jpeg or .png) into each one to show these images (which you would need to create elsewhere first).

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What a pity. Then I’ll try my luck with Lilypond first, there is - or at least there was - a solution to this. But thank you very much for the quick help and answer.

I never did this myself but I think you can quiet easy get a good result with the NorKeys font.


Thank you Maarten, this is the solution to my problem.

Yes! I’ve used this font very successfully.

I did apply some negative vertical stretching since it was too tall.