keyboard commands question

I don’t understand why I can’t assign the same keyboard shortcuts to different workspaces. For instance, I want to use option-M to bring up the markers specific tool window in both the audio file workspace and the audio montage workspace, but apparently that’s not allowed and I have to pick the shortcut for only the audio file workspace OR the audio montage workspace. This forces me to choose different commands to essentially do the same thing only because I’m in a different workspace.

I thought the whole idea of separate workspaces was to allow the program to focus menu items, commands, etc. on the current workspace and avoid the clutter of having commands that are only active in other workspaces out of the way. This makes perfect sense to me, but this should be extended to the keyboard commands. If a keyboard shortcut is assigned to a command in one workspace, there should be no restriction in letting that shortcut be used to do something else in another workspace since only one workspace is in front at any given time and there can’t possibly be any conflict.

Maybe I’m I misunderstanding how the keyboard commands work within specific workspaces?

Normally you can assign same shortcuts for different workspaces, and this is part of the design indeed. What you describe here is to be classified as a bug :confused: I think this happens for the tool windows, but not with most other functions. Anyway, I want to correct this for upcoming 7.2. Thanks for the report.

Ah… that makes sense. Thanks PG!