keyboard doesn't work

Hello ,

does anyone has any suggestions:
In write mode my keyboard doesn’t work. In engrave mode or any other application it runs as uasually.

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I assume you mean a MIDI Controller keyboard?

Make a stave active for input first (double click it at a spot where you’d like to enter some notes).

If you just want to activate or change staves and not enter anything on it (I.E. To experiment with playing some ideas and hearing what you play)…double click somewhere on the stave who’s voice you wish to play, then tap esc to back out of note entry mode. You should find that MIDI gets forwarded to players/instruments of that stave now.

Be aware that some instruments like to get dynamics with the the Mod Wheel (CC1), or Expression Volume (CC11). It’s possible that controllers can chase (or not chase) as we mess about with hitting play/stop, or move about among the various ‘mode tabs’ in Dorico, and this dynamic level ends up set at zero volume for whatever reason.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve had this happen a few times with libraries like HSO or GPO5. At some point, CC1 got chased down to zero…so I just wiggled my mod wheel a bit and got the sound back.

So if you find yourself tapping keys and nothing sounds…wiggle the mod wheel on your keyboard (Usually sends CC1), and or a slider/pot that sends CC11 and see if that brings it back.

Hello ,

still have problems: in writing mode Dorico does’nt react on my Apple keyboard. Mouse and Midi keyboard work.
I put off the usb cable form the midi to usb Keyboard, changed the inputs of the usb cables :Mouse, printer, USB codecs,and started the mac again, the same problem.
As I said:the Apple keyboars works in any other app and also in engrave mode on Dorico.
It would be very nice, if someone of the Dorico team has an idea.I Think its your turn, because the problem appears only in your program, there only in wrting mode.
Excuse my bad English
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Hi Brian ,
thanks for your detailed answer, but my question refers to the apple keyboard not to the midi keyboard.

In write mode, make sure you’ve activated insert mode by either pressing enter or double clicking on a stave. You should then see the caret and be able to choose your note duration using numbers and pitch using note letter names.

How, are you using the German language version of Dorico? If so, perhaps you need to follow the steps here?

Hello Daniel,

thanks a lot , I did’nt read the article about german language version , sorry.

I did everything as notated , the extracted file is in the right folder, still i can’t work with my keyboard in Dorico write mode, I need further help. my time is limited :wink:

Do you see any shortcuts in the menus when you open e.g. the Write menu?

Hi Daniel,

after trying and trying, I got the idea to change to the english language version. i could have done this earlier, sometimes you don’t see the most easiest things ,-).
When I turned back to the german language version, to check the shortcuts in the menu, the apple keyboard worked as usual.
Hope things get smoother and smoother.

Frohe Ostern, happy Easter, and thanks for your answers