Keyboard "G" and "H" zoom → Project cursor gets in the center. Way to disable this?

When using the “G” and “H” keys for zooming, the project cursor gets in the center of the project window (of the timeline). Can this behaviour be changed? Thank you!


Unfortunately you can’t change this.

Thank you!

G/H commands zooms on the playback position (and view gets centered)

Another better approach for me is to use CTRL+Scroll up/down and it zooms where the cursor is, its especially handy if u using vertical zoom CTRL+Shift+Scroll up/down with autohotkey script.

Just paste this into autohotkey script in order to use vertical zoom since that is only possible way:

#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass
    ^+WheelUp::SendEvent, H
    ^+WheelDown::SendEvent, G

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, Autohotkey is only for Windows and I’m a MAC. But anyway, CTRL/CMD+Scroll is the best workaround so far.

There are some alternatives for sure. Just Google them its worth spending some time with it.

Understood. Btw, I like what you wrote in paranthesis (“Refusing to update”). It’s very funny!

Yeah cause they broke one feature in 10.5.20(check my signature topic) that I use a lot :slight_smile: its funny but not funny at all :smiley: