Keyboard is missing notes played, sustain pedal doesn't always work

Help ! i am a new user to cubase elements, i have connected my yamaha montage via usb to my pc and downloaded the yamaha/steinburg driver succesfully, But when playing the keyboard some of the notes don’t play and the sustain pedal doesn’t always work, can someone give me some idea’s to try to fix this please, i’m completely new to DAW. thankyou in advance.

Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

On the involved MIDI/Instrument track(s) which have your Yamaha keyboard as Input routing in the inspector, I would first try to use the Cubase bundled MIDI Monitor plug-in, as a MIDI insert, to see what are the messages received, this, as a diagnosis tool.

After this, it’ll be time to look more closely at the way keyboard is connected to your DAW : how could the USB connection could go wrong ?

Hello cubic13, i’m really sorry but can you explain this like i’m a 3yr old[ie where to look] as i don’t understand what you mean. the usb cable i’m using is new. many thanks for your prompt response though.

OK. So, after having selected the MIDI/Instrument track which is receiving the incoming MIDI data from your Yamaha keybord, do the following :

  1. In the Inspector, unfold the MIDI Insert panel and, in available plug-ins list, select MIDI Monitor.
  2. In the plug-in window, set the received messages as in the screenshot
  3. You should get, under the settings, a list of the incoming MIDI messages, transmitted by the Yamaha. Try to find at which time no data is received, even if you have pressed a key or used your sustain pedal, which should appear as Controller 64.

Let us know how things are going…

OMG your amazing ! ok i’m at work at the mo but will have a look later if i can make sense of this and get back to you. thankyou so much for now.

Hi my inspector hasn’t got MIDI INSERTS as an option, where do i look for it ?

i’ve also noticed that if i play a fast arpeddio NOT all the notes will play. [if that helps]

I’m sorry : it seems that MIDI inserts are not available in the Elements version. Another solution has to be found, at least to check what’s going on… :slightly_frowning_face:

Beside this, I don’t really get why some MIDI notes/events are not played as expected. On my end, I don’t USB for MIDI, only DIN cables. So, maybe trying another USB connector on your DAW and eventually, checking the USB connections both in Windows and in the BIOS/UEFI could help. I have no more ideas, at this moment, I admit…

i,ve also noticed when recording a track the sustain pedal is making a drum sound aswell as trying to sustain a note if that helps !

would it help if i directly connect a midi out cable to midi in on my steinburg ? do you think ?

Ha ! Seems like an indication that something could be wrong about the MIDI messages delivered by the keyboard : normally, a sustain pedal shouldn’t deliver a note on message. I don’t know the Montage keyboard, but I guess that there are settings somewhere that can allow you to check the MIDI messages transmitted. Beside this, check also in Cubase the channel used for any MIDI/Instrument track you are using and the preferences > MIDI pages.

In the Pro version there is also the List Editor which allows you view and eventually edit MIDI messages recorded. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be available in the Elements version either. So, I would try to record just few notes and sustain pedal strokes to see if they are rightly recorded and displayed in a MIDI recorded part. This could also allow you to check if a given sustain stroke also trigger a MIDI note that could explain the drum sound that you are hearing.

thankyou for your in depth reply, ok i will try and have a look at what you’ve said and see if i can see something.