Keyboard Midi Mapping cc11

How can I map cc11 to my keyboard fader. That way whenever I move that fader it will always respond to cc11.

Windows 10 / Cubase 10.5


I’m sorry, I don’t know, if I understand your use case well.

If you want to control the Volume fader of selected track by sending MIDI CC11 from your MIDI Keyboard, use Studio > Studio Setup > Generic Remote Device. In the upper part set Address 11 and in the bottom part set VST Mixer | Selected | Volume.

What MIDI keyboard are you using? Does the fader use cc11 by default or are you wanting to make it use cc11?

What I want to do is have one of my faders on my Akai keyboard to always default to CC11, that way when I am using orchetral libraries, I can control cc1 with my mod wheel and cc11 with a fader on my keyboard


Then I would recommend to set this on the hardware.

Otherwise you would need to add an Input Transformer for every single MIDI/Instrument track.

How do input a transformer? and what is a transformer for?


Do you have Cubase Pro, please?

With the Input Transformer you can change incoming MIDI data to different data.

Yes I do have cubase pro 10.5. How can I access the transformer and how do I use it?


I’m not with Cubase right now. On the MIDI/Instrument track, in the Inspector, the main (name) tab, there is the Input Transformer button (an arrow). Look to the manual for more details.

How to use it? Setup the condition in the upper part and the action on the lower part. What MIDI CC does your hardware send out?

Very cool. I’ll look into it. Thank you. It sends out any midi cc I assign to it


Then I would recommend to assign CC11.

ok. thanks