Keyboard modifiers for MCU

When selecting a track on a MCU all other trackes are unselected, unless you press modifier. If you press shift on the keyboard and press select on the MCU, but it only works if the mixer has keyboard focus. Is there any way to do this without keyboard? (I guess this might to work because of yet an other bug.)


Do you own real Mackie Control hardware? If I’m not wrong it’s possible to enable Selection of multiple “faders” at once. Just press the Select button of multiple channels at once. Does it work?

Unfortunately you cannot use the “Shift” key on Mackie Control, because this doesn’t send the computer Keyboard “Shift” key, it’s an internal “modifier”. But as far as I know, there are other modifiers on Mackie Ctrl/Cmd and Alt, right? My using Ctrl/Cmd + selecting another channel, you should also get a multi-selection (if the Mackie really sends a computer keyboard commands; hm… actually I don’t think so, I think it just sends a common MIDI data).

Cannot be done unfortunately, you’ll have to use the keyboard. It’s something that I miss as well.

It of course send midi and midi data only. The original MCU was proper MIDI, not USB. And it is not a good idea so send HID events from a remote controller even if would be possible to make a usb combo that is both. However it will send keys to random applications when there are in focus. But still. is there any way to do with generic midi? Most unlikely since the generic remotes usually are system events or for already selected objects. So if the MCU does not have it built-in it will not work. The reason it works for a selected window is probably a bug caused by the event is transformed by the window. (It is a very ugly design if it is so, but I can not figure any other way.) What about other controllers? HUI, EUCON, yamaha mixers or houston?


Yes, you are right of course. The original Mackie Control was MIDI only. So no computer keyboard modifiers.

The same is true for HUI, if I’m not wrong again. :smiley:

EuCon is different. But when I was playing with it last time (6 years ago) there was no option to send just the modifier key. It was necessary to send some keys combination with the modifier.