Keyboard navigation from upstem to downstem voice

Hello again.
I’m just wondering what keyboard shortcut (arrow key?) to press to move the selection from the f-natural (which is in Up-Stem Voice 1) to the minim rest just beneath it (which is Down-Stem Voice 1)?
I’m not finding any key combination that will do this.


Press V.

(As long as you have 4.2)

Thanks, but pressing V (in this situation) turns the f-natural into Down-Stem Voice 1, which is not what I want. I’m happy to keep it as Up-Stem Voice 1. But I’d like to select (just select) that rest underneath it (with the keyboard… obviously with the mouse there’s no problem).
(Yes, I’m on 4.2.)

Oops, I misunderstood your request… sorry.

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down, left, left, up, right! (but mouse is quicker)

Lol. You’re right. But WTH is the logic here?

It’s admittedly not intuitive. As @Janus says, easiest to just surrender to the mouse here.

It’s not just that it’s not intuitive. It feels like a fluke. In this case the music voicing was such that this worked, but that’s not always going to be the case. There’s not always going to be a path to the second voice in this way (and anyway, finding that path is like working through a maze! … unless there’s some logic here that I’m missing.)
Seems like a bug rather than a feature.
Reaching for the mouse all the time slows things down a lot.

My guess is that it is something to do with how Dorico handles implicit rests.

Maybe, but it’s not quite good enough. Most reasonable users would expect to be able to select that rest with a single down-arrow keypress.
Can one file feature requests anywhere?

Your posting here is tantamount to a feature request. Every post on this forum is read by at least one member of Dorico’s development team, and they do read carefully.

That’s good to know!

I know the original question has been answered, but I wonder what you wanted to do with the half rest once you selected it:

  • Add notes in Voice 2? Show the caret and V to switch voice
  • Hide it? I’d either:
    • click to select the whole bar - or -
    • ⌘⇧← to extend the selection to the start of the bar
      and Hide Rests (doesn’t affect notes)

Is there something else you’d’ve wanted to do with the rest that I didn’t think of?

It’s a fair question. I think in that case I probably wanted to delete or hide the rest, so your suggestions would work. But the same problem exists even if it’s a question of selecting a note, not a rest.
For instance, in the following example there’s no simple way of selecting the lower e (which is Down-Stem Voice 1) if, as in the screenshot, the rest (Up-Stem V1) is selected.
In that case there are plenty of reasons why I’d want to select the e, such as changing its pitch.

How about up, down?

Yes, that works.
Still, I think the behaviour is counterintuitive! Clearly a single Down keypress should select the note directly below the one currently selected, regardless of which inner voice it happens to be.