Keyboard Navigation - New Bluetooth Keyboard - Home and End keys and Command not working etc

Hi Folks.

Just a quick one . I’m on Big Sur and I got a new Joyaccess bluetooth keyboard and the keyboard shortcuts I normally use for D4 seem to be behaving a little bit strangely. I had an old Imac keyboard from years ago and I use to use the home/end keys to just advance the project window in Write mode and then use Command Home and End to go to the start and end of a project. I know there is a separate shortcut for got to next flow but I can’t seem to find a simple way to navigate back and forward using the home/end keys. I have the function key set to 'Do Noting" in the Mac preferences and have the option for the F1,F2, etc options to behave as normal. Is anyone using these keys to navigate? No stress. I’m sure I’ll figure it out but thought it was a bit strange. I do have custom Key commands so I’d like to avoid resetting Dorico’s Key Commands if possible. Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to fix this! Cheers Simon.

It sounds as if those keys on your new keyboard are behaving like different keys, not the ones that Dorico is expecting by default. I would suggest going to the Key Commands page of Preferences and adding new shortcuts for the relevant commands in the Navigation category, typing the keys on your new keyboard to see what shortcuts Dorico is actually receiving from them.

Hi Daniel. Thanks for your reply!

This may sound silly but which keyboard shortcut would I be looking for here to just move the project window left and right? Obviously I’d prefer to be able to do this without the Play mode or the playback position involved. Just basically navigating left and right. I couldn’t seem to find the right option in the key commands list. The screenshot concludes where the navigation key commands category ends and then continues to the ‘setup’ category after that. Thanks for your help with this. Cheers Simon.

You’re using a 3rd party keyboard that was designed with Mac aesthetics but built for windows platform first. Right in the joysccess website it says that in parentheses that not all of the hot keys are compatible with macs. I suspect that the key commands are coded differently for windows and mac for the keys that are not working properly; the keyboard is sending out the windows command and mac isn’t recognizing it, hence it’s not working properly.

I beg your pardon, Simon, the relevant commands are in the View category in Key Commands, not the Selection and Navigation category.

No worries Daniel. It’s been fun checking out all the key command options! I ended up changing keyboards back to my older Bluetooth magic keyboard based off Romanos advice. I thought the Joyaccess was a Mac designed and formatted keyboard but I’ll be returning it now anyway. The fn key on my older Bluetooth Mac keyboard (which doesn’t have the number pad/home/end extension) with the arrow keys works perfectly for the view commands (move left/right) I needed. And fn with command + arrows gets me to and from the start and end of the project so that’s all sorted! I don’t really use the numpad much in D4 anymore so all good. Thanks Romanos and Daniel. Cheers Simon.

While on this topic: are there any ways of setting up the degree of left/right movement? I’m doing some very finnicky work (in Play Mode), and would love to be able to ‘nudge’ the Play Mode window in various ways. The scroll bar at the bottom of the page moves in unpredictable ways.

No, not at the moment, but we anticipate that there will be improved options for navigation in the Key Editor in the next update. (Obviously that will only be of use to you once you can move up to Dorico 4.)