Keyboard note selection in score editor

On page 1148 of the Cubase 9 manual it says:

Using the keyboard
By default, you can step through (and select) the notes in the staff using the Left Arrow and
Right Arrow keys. If you press Shift, you can select a series of notes as you step through

But it doesn’t do that for me. It doesn’t do anything.

I click on a note (In Score editor/page mode/Object Selection tool) hold shift, right arrow, nothing happens.

Please advise

I think I figured it out.

When I closed the Virtual keyboard on the Transport Bar, then it works as specified.

The reason I knew to try that is because when the Virtual Keyboard is present on the Transport Bar, and you hit Shift, the Virtual Keyboard flashes

virtual keyboard takes control over you keyboard. Nothing works, hotkeys, etc.
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Wrong, not everybody does know this.