Keyboard Overlays

Hi all-- I just thought I would share an idea–
I like having keyboard overlays (covers) for specific key-command-intensive programs. This is particularly useful when you are in the learning stages of such programs.

I had a keyboard cover for Sibelius and thought it was great, so I thought I might encourage anyone else who feels the same to contact Keyboard Covers’ customer service asking for a Dorico overlay.

You can find their email form at: KB Covers & Keyboards - Shortcut Keyboards & Keyboard Covers

The wheel has in a way (not an overlay, but still) already been invented: Dorico - Shortcut Stickers

“Hand-picked by Steinberg in 2016, we are the official keyboard shortcut stickers for Dorico.”

But an overlay might be interesting for some. Thx for the idea, Romanos401.

Btw, as an organist and composer myself, I very much appreciate your post and the thread “Organ / Keyboard Particularities” you started: Organ / Keyboard Particularities - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

The kbcovers website seems to have only Mac covers available. Does this tell us something about Apple computers, or about their users, I wonder? :slight_smile:

Jode-- I’m glad to know about the stickers. That said, I’m a wee bit reticent to commit to stickers. That’s the nice thing about an overlay. Goes on when you need it, comes off when you don’t. That said, if there’s a different company that people would rather encourage than KB covers, I’m happy to shoot their customer service dept. messages as well. Cheers!

(PS- glad you like the thread. I have a feeling it won’t die out any time soon :laughing: ) appears to be sold out, and hasn’t responded yet to my inquiries. Anyone know any other options?
If nothing else, I could just get some blank stickers and make them myself, but it won’t look as good…