Keyboard patch names disappeared (Roland RD-800)

Hi all,

Note: I’m a real newbie with very basic comprehension and use of Cubase

Some time ago I created a patch script file for my Roland RD-800 which has worked successfully in Cubase 7.5 and briefly in 8 (I’m much more skilled in data and file management than DAW operation!).

Now, for some reason when I choose the RD-800 as a MIDI input device the patch names are not visible and I can’t seem to access them at all. Both the Bank and Program select show “Off” and no patches are showing. Changing these manually seems to address a different soundset to the RD-800’s patches.

I have deleted and reinstalled the RD-800 in the MIDI Device Mangler but to no effect.

No doubt I’m missing something very simple here and for that please forgive me. I have beaten my head against the Google wall for hours now to no effect.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

Cheers and many thanks from Sydney, Aust,

Simple fix - re-installation of Cubase and all is sweet. My RD-800 patch script still works after all!

I’m sure I did something stupid and the reinstallation was probably unnecessary, but it’s early days and so was no big deal.


I search for this patch script file for Cubase so long.
Can you share it?
It would be very kind of you.
Thanks and cheers,

Hey guys,

I made a patch script for the RD-800 myself. It took me a friggin’ long time to make this, so i’m asking a little 5 dollar fee to compensate for work hours. Please be so kind not to share this after buying.

Download link:

Hi Sven - well it’s now 2022 and 6 years have passed since your message asking about an RD800 patch script file. I’ve just resurrected mine and I have to say it’s better than Roland’s in that theirs has no bank naming and the patches are out of order.

Anyway - no doubt you’ve moved on but if you do want a copy, I’d be very happy to send it to you.

Cheers and apologies for not seeing your request all that time ago,