Keyboard shortcut doesn't work

According to the menu and to the keyboard shortcuts help, Alt+’ should trigger the “respell note according to the higher note name” command when using a German keyboard. However, this isn’t working; in order to get the single quote, I have to press Shift+#, and Alt+Shift+# doesn’t seem to do anything.

The keyboard reference help page doesn’t show at all which keys to press when I select the Alt key on the on-screen keyboard; only the list of commands underneath the keyboard lists it as “ALT + SINGLEQUOTE”.

I’ve just had to respell a few dozen notes, and doing this via drop-down menu gets a bit tiring after a while :slight_smile:


I’m aware that I can reassign shortcuts, it’s just that the default value doesn’t seem to work (bug?) and that the documentation appears to be incomplete as well.

Unfortunately there are some problems with key commands on non-English keyboard layouts that we are aware of and are working to address, if possible before the 1.0.10 update.