Keyboard shortcut for preferences

I can not find a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the preferences tab in W9
Or to assign a shortcut to open the tab for keyboard shortcuts itself (like in Cubase)
Any help?

Try F3
or Contrl + ,

thanks.that was easy BUT, i need to know why.
yes, F3 opens the “File” window. knowing this i can search the shortcuts for the target of “F3” and find it is leading to “Toggle File Tab”
i needed the info of the shortcut first to locate and change it to my liking.
Contrl+, opens the same window directly to the Global tab… good
i was able to find the shortcut for opening to the “Plugin”-Tab directly
but when i search in any way in shortcuts under the name “shortcuts” or “key shortcut” i can not find an entry to open this directly.
in the same way i was unable to locate “Preferences” searching in the shortcuts.
i don’t understand the logic behind the structures of the shortcut tab so i can customize to my liking.
can you clarify this?


Shortcuts not listed.png

i assume that means that either i use the wrong search word or that there is no target specified for those function.

The name to search is the names as it appear in various places of WaveLab. eg. there is no menu command called “Preferences” and none "called “Shortcuts”.

thanks PG