Keyboard Shortcut for switching between Bars/Beats?

Hey guys, wondering if there is such a thing? I have searched high and low to no avail.

Just need a shortcut to switch between bars and beats on the timeline view for arranging clips.

Many thanks


Do you mean to switch the Time format on the Timeline?

Use . (dot) Key Command to switch between the Primary and the Secondary Time Display. Primary could be Bars+Beats and Secondary could be Timecode (for example).

Is this what you are searching for?

Hey thanks for your response Martin. I am actually just looking for a shortcut to cycle the bars or beats option for the clips when arranging.

For example:

Press 9 = Bars
Press 9 = Beats
Press 9 = Use quantize

Hej trevelyen

You find it in the Key Commands :
Edit -> Select Next (or Prev) Grid Type

Just make a Shortcut for this Command and of you go :wink:

Best Regards


is it about the Grid settings?

Hej Bo!

Thank you so much for telling me this, my quality of life has just increased massively! :smiley:


Man thanks!!! Came for this - the quality of my life also improved so much now!
I use this shortcut and different quantize lengths now. It used to take me ages