Keyboard Shortcut (Mac) to switch to another project?

I am working on a composition, I have sketches in one project and the new piece in another, so I need to quickly jump back and forth.
The standard Mac shortcut for cycling through app windows (command-tilde) does not seem to work for Dorico to switch between open projects. I cannot seem to find an answer in the documentation, and no way to set it in key commands, and it is annoying with a big monitor to mouse into the menu. Anyone have an answer?
I should mention I am using a German keyboard but mapped to US layout. This is apparently a Mac bug, but I wonder if the magicians behind the scenes at Dorico have a German keyboard lying around that they could use to see if they can reproduce the problem? (I have also tried remapping the shortcut in System Preferences but it still does not work)

The usual Mac shortcut (Command-` on my British keyboard) works fine here. Are you sure you don’t have a conflict with some other custom Dorico key command?

Hmm. It could be the problem that I often have with Mac-- I have a German keyboard and switching it to US layout does not always have the desired effect.
But thanks for letting me know that it SHOULD work, this will help!