Keyboard shortcut to ‘exit note input mode’?

Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to exit note input mode on the iPad?

My iPad magnetic (“magic”) keyboard doesn’t have an Esc key, and the oh-so-useful § is in its place. Of course, because of the muscle memory I learned from desktop Dorico, I am always hitting that key when I want to stop inputting notes. So I had the smart idea to assign § as a keyboard shortcut to exit note input mode. But I can’t find the relevant command in the preferences list.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Try Shift+N.

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I’ve also discovered through a google search the other day that there’s a system wide shortcut for esc - Cmd+.

I believe you can also assign another key to be the escape key in settings somewhere, for instance the caps lock key if you don’t use it much.

Yes, I know about Shift+N and can train myself to use it. I was just trying to take a shortcut by assigning it to §, hence the question. Is it possible?

The relevant commands are “Start Note Input” and “Stop Note Input” and they’re in the “Note Input” category in Key Commands.

Thank you so much!

If it makes you feel any better, my qwerty keyboard does have an escape key however whenever you press it it exits out of the program entirely, and it appears to be an iPad-wide issue, so I’ll be reprogramming it too. I like hitting esc. on the desktop much better than shift-N since it’s one key instead of two.

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