Keyboard shortcut to move arrangement view position

Over last couple of months I’ve been trying to get used to running and working with cubase on my laptop without the use of a mouse, so goes without saying I’ve set up a load of keyboard shortcuts and so far so good.
But one thing missing is a shortcut to move the arrangement view position within the project.
So to clarify something that I used to do with the mouse scroll wheel to move up and down the project and I think at some point I had ‘ctrll’ and mouse wheel to move left and right in project.
Currently im relying on ‘follow cursor/playhead’ and setting lots of markers to move around quickly.
It would be nice for example to use the arrow keys with a modifier key to move left,…right… up… down.
Ideally be great if this worked in the edit windows also .

Any suggestions appreciated…


Th up/down would work, because you would select other Track or Part/Event when pressing Arrow Up/Down and the view would follow.

This would also work for the Left/Right Arrow if you would just select another Part/Event in the Project window.

But it’s not as fluent and predictable as scrolling. Unfortunately there is no Key Command to shift the Project Overview Left/Right.

Yeah I suspected as much, there’s a few workarounds Ive figured out but just be nice to have a dedicated left right up down of the project window …
Can’t have everything I guess…