Keyboard shortcut to navigate various takes?

Hi everyone. There is this nice feature in Reaper where you can use key commands to navigate into various takes without opening the lanes. Is it possible in Cubase ?
Here is a short video i made on how i have it in Reaper.

Just but assigning the + and - keys i can navigate on takes. This is a huge time saver when comping!

Create a keyboard shortcut for this command:
Key commands > Edit > Move to Back


It will allow you to do this (every MIDI part has a single note in it):

move to back

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That works for most part , thanks!
I´m trying to have it behave same way as in Reaper. One shortcut to move back and one to front! seems i cant do that.


Hi Pedro_G.
I don’t know a keycommand but you could use the mouse to select the takes without opening the lanes using the takes-dropdown function!
Maybe that speeds up your workflow as well…

Thanks for your reply.
I use that function too. :smiley: Its nice to have. The key command would be great though! eheh