Keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore (4.3.11)

I’ve described the situation in an older thread, but as many Doricians on the French speaking Facebook group alert me on the problem, I thought it deserved its proper thread.

This could be related to French language (how?) because three of us have been bitten by this bug this week, and I don’t see anything similar in the last days…

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My guess is that the new default shortcuts added for the Key Editor tools are somehow interfering with some existing shortcuts. On macOS, the shortcuts for the Key Editor tools should be to hold down the Control key and then type the keys along the number row. These shouldn’t conflict with any other default shortcuts, but they may well be conflicting with your own custom shortcuts.

They did conflict with some of my custom shortcuts but it was an easy fix thanks to good program design.


Dear Daniel,
This makes totally sense, and I would not have opened a thread for it… No, the problem is that default shortcuts such as Accent and Staccato have come back and I had to remove them again. Something I’ve done probably in January 2017. So there’s something more than simply new shortcuts that cause real-estate problems (for which I’ve already requested a little line in the Version History when it happens, so that we can react accordingly and change our shortcuts).
@Alain_LeBlond has had the same problem I experienced yesterday, so something rather new is causing this.
I’ve been working extensively lately with Dorico, and changing the grid resolution has been the only discrepancy I’ve found (buried by Accent and Staccato). Should I notice anything else, I will post it here.




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I find that I can no longer access the previous Layout command; it was alt + shift + ^, it used to work, but it doesn’t anymore, maybe because it’s a diacritic (^) and the new Qt framework might have changed its behavior with these keys.