Keyboard shortcuts: extend midi note

Hello everyone. I’m looking for the keyboard shortcut that allows me to extend the quantization of my midi notes on the grid. (view the photo)
Does this shortcut exist and do you know what it is called?
thank you

For clarification, do you mean all notes or just the 3 notes in your illustration?

Maybe this is relevant?

Maybe this one too:

Also this:

"Quantizing MIDI Event Lengths


You have set up a length quantize value on the Length Quantize pop-up menu on the Key Editor toolbar.


  1. Perform one of the following actions:
  • In the Key Editor, select the MIDI events that you want to quantize.
  • In the Project window, select a MIDI part.
  1. Select Edit > Advanced Quantize > Quantize MIDI Event Lengths.


The ends of the selected MIDI events are cut off so that the events match the length quantize value. The start positions are kept.


If you have selected Quantize Link, the events are resized according to the grid that is set up in the Quantize Presets pop-up menu. The Swing, Tuplet, and Catch Range settings on the Quantize Panel are taken into account."

I am not sure if this function is also extending or only cutting (but I suppose that it can do both) or if it is already assigned to a keyboard shortcut, but if not you can probably assign a Key Command manually for “Quantize MIDI Event Lengths”.

The Nudge family. Select the notes, then apply Nudge>Nudge End Right


Yes that’s what I wanted, thank you very much.
Let me just ask another quick question: is there a Shortcut that allows me to extend each note to the next note, without taking quantization into account?

All notes

Search for “Legato” in the Key Commands dialog,.

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